Roanoke Rapids Police Department

Mission Statement

The Roanoke Rapids Police Department was established to provide an important service to the citizens of Roanoke Rapids. Our primary mission is the protection of life, property, and the prevention of crime. This is carried out with respect, compassion, and fairness to all persons that require our service.

Our goal is to provide security to all of our citizens so that they will be safe in their homes and businesses. As individuals, we want every citizen to feel free to live, work and play without fear of becoming victims of crime.

Members of the Roanoke Rapids Police Department are dedicated to provide its citizens with the highest levels of law enforcement and professionalism.

Station Contact and Hours of Operation:


Police Chief T.R. Hathaway

Phone: (252) 533-2810 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday: 8:30AM to 5:00 PM

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Officers assist in removing graffiti from church sign

While on routine patrol on February 3, 2013, Officer Jason Williams observed a vandalized church sign in front of Park Baptist Church on Virginia Avenue. Black spray paint had been used to spray profanity on the sign.

Over a month later on March 8, Williams observed the damage was still on the sign. When he inquired as to why the graffiti had not been removed, he was advised the church did not have the money to repair or replace the sign. Williams asked if the Police Department could aid in removing the graffiti.

The following day, Officer Williams, along with Officer Jeff Davis and Master Officer Mark Peck cleaned the church's sign with some graffiti remover that was donated by Sherwin Williams Paint. The church was very appreciative of the efforts of the department and the officers in cleaning the sign.

Photos, clockwise from left:
Photo 1 - Officers Jeff Davis (left) and Jason Williams remove the graffiti from the Park Baptist Church sign. Photo 2 - Officers Williams and Davis with the repaired sign.
Photo 3 - Officer Williams (left) and Master Officer Mark Peck with the repaired sign.
Photo 4 - Smudges on the church sign following the early stages of removal.

Roanoke Rapids Animal Control

The Roanoke Rapids Police Department has one Animal Control Officer.  His primary duty is to respond to animal complaints inside the city limits of Roanoke Rapids.  Animal Control deals primarily with domestic animals such as cats and dogs.  Wild animals such as snakes, birds, squirrels, bats, opossums, etc. are treated differently and Animal Control may not be able to assist you with those.  We do not operate a shelter.  Animals picked up are transported to the Halifax County Animal Shelter (252-583-1050, Health Department 252-583-6651). 

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Roanoke Rapids Police Department Contacts

Important Phone Numbers & Staff Contact Information

Emergencies - 911
Non-Emergencies 583-2488 Records Division 533-2810
Hodgestown Substation 533-2877 Animal Control 583-2488
Downtown Substation 537-9553    

Station Hours of Operations

Monday through Friday: 8:30AM to 5:00 PM

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Roanoke Rapids Police Department Records Division

The Records Division of the Roanoke Rapids Police Department is responsible for managing the records and documents of the department. These records include Incident Reports (reports of theft, breaking and enterings, damage to property, fraud, etc.), Motor Vehicle Collision reports, Alarm Registrations, City Ordinance Citations, etc. The Records Division is located inside the front lobby of the J. Reuben Daniel City Hall at 1040 Roanoke Avenue. The hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday. The phone number is (252) 533-2810.

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COP Alert

police car

The Roanoke Rapids Police Department and Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to establish an email alert system to provide immediate, updated multi-source intelligence to support local law enforcement, financial and retail businesses in the detection, investigation, apprehension and the prosecution of criminals.

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Escape School Program

The Roanoke Rapids Police Department and Hockaday Funeral Home have partnered together to establish an Escape School Program. Escape School is a safety awareness program offering classes in preventing child abduction, kids and guns awareness, general safety, and Internet safety.

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Roanoke Rapids Citizens On Patrol

Roanoke Rapids Citizens on PatrolThe Roanoke Rapids Police Department has developed an innovative volunteer program to include community member in crime reduction and community improvement. An extension of the department's Community Watch Program and Citizens Police Academy, Citizens on Patrol is a trained group of volunteer citizens organized to increase safety in our community by patrolling streets to provide a presence and report incidents and problems.

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Police Volunteers Service

Police VolunteersThe Police Volunteers Program provides a value-added level of support to the Roanoke Rapids Police Department. Although the department is designed and staffed to provide appropriate policing and law enforcement service to our community, there is always more to do! As a result, the Police Volunteers Program was an alternative that allows our department to focus on policing, yet continue to maintain current levels or improve the quality of police services.

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Neighborhood Watch Program

Roanoke Rapids Neighborhood WatchThe Neighborhood Watch Program is designed to organize you and your neighbors to watch out for one another by reporting suspicious activities in your community.

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Citizens Police Academy

Citizen AcademyThe Roanoke Rapids Police Department's Community Outreach program "Citizens Police Academy" takes you behind the badge to learn about the many aspects of law enforcement in our community.

The Citizens Police Academy is designed to familiarize the citizens with administrative philosophies, and guiding principles of law and ethical conduct governing the deliver of police services and provide our citizens with an appreciation for the problems and challenges facing law enforcement. Our goal is to provide citizens with open discussion and hands-on activities that foster better understanding of how the Roanoke Rapids Police Department works with the community.

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