City Committees
Number: 7:

- 1 member to be a School Official with RRGSD and resident of the City
- 1 Member to be a Halifax Co. Tourism Official
- 1 Member to be Halifax Co. Arts Council Official and resident of the City
- 1 member to be a standing member of the Friends of the Canal and resident of the City
- 1 member is to be an active Officer from the Canal Commission
- 2 members are to be City residents.  City Council may appoint up to three non-voting, ex-officio members including but not limited to:  one actively serving member of the City Council, one actively serving member of the Halifax County Board of Commissioners.

Term: 3 Years
Date/Time: 2nd Thursday each month at 5:00 p.m.
Location: Canal Museum

Description: Appointed by City Council.  Committee is to render advice and counsel to the Canal Museum Director concerning policies and procedures of the Canal Museum with the objective of insuring that quality Museum services are provided to the residents of Roanoke Rapids.  This Committee is only advisory in nature and shall not have the authority to directly supervise or run the daily operations of the Canal Museum.  The daily operations and formal rule making authority for the Canal Museum shall remain with the City Manager or his designee.