Police Volunteers Service

The Police Volunteers Program provides a value-added level of support to the Roanoke Rapids Police Department. Although the department is designed and staffed to provide appropriate policing and law enforcement service to our community, there is always more to do! As a result, the Police Volunteers Program was an alternative that allows our department to focus on policing, yet continue to maintain current levels or improve the quality of police services.

Police volunteers allow our officers to focus on policing and enforcement by taking on these additional duties, for example:

  • Provide an array of clerical, data and document support to police staff
  • Participate in community police meetings (I.e., Neighborhood Watch)
  • Follow up with victims of certain types of crimes (typically property crimes) to gather additional information about the crime and ascertain their satisfaction with law enforcement services
  • Assist with walk-in traffic
  • Improve police/citizen relationships through interaction and involvement