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The Roanoke Rapids Police Department has one Animal Control Officer.  His primary duty is to respond to animal complaints inside the city limits of Roanoke Rapids.  Animal Control deals primarily with domestic animals such as cats and dogs.  Wild animals such as snakes, birds, squirrels, bats, opossums, etc. are treated differently and Animal Control may not be able to assist you with those.  We do not operate a shelter.  Animals picked up are transported to the Halifax County Animal Shelter (252-583-1050, Health Department 252-583-6651). 

P. Wilson Jr.
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Animal Control can be contacted Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm through Halifax Central Communications 911 for emergency, for non-emergency 252-583-1991 or at the Roanoke Rapids Police Department 252-533-2810.  

In the event that an animal owner wants to surrender a cat or dog, contact the Animal Control Officer to arrange pick up before 1 pm, Monday through Friday.  Owner must be present to sign a release.

91.26     Proper Care of Animals - Penalty fine of $500

All pets are to be provided with:

  • Proper shelter and protection from the weather. 
  • A minimum pen size of 36 square feet per animal with a minimum height of six feet. 
  • Sufficient and wholesome food and water to keep them in good health and comfort.
  • The opportunity for vigorous daily exercise
  • Veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering
  • Rabies vaccinations!

NOTE:  Stray dogs and cats are defined as wandering at large or lost and do not have an identifiable owner or a dog or cat whose owner fails to have the animal vaccinated against rabies.   

91.02 Animals Running at Large

This ordinance provides that any animal allowed to run at large may be seized, impounded, humanely put to death or released to a recognized animal rescue organization after reasonable efforts are made to notify the owner.  Penalty fine of $150

91.20 A/B Dogs Must Wear Rabies Tag and Identification Tag

All dogs must wear an identification tag with at least the dog owner's name, address and phone number.  State Law requires rabies vaccinations and it is required that the issued rabies tag be worn by the dog. Penalty fine of $150

91.22 Prohibition Against Tethering of Dogs

It is unlawful to tether an unattended dog outside of the home.  When on the property of the dog owner, dogs may run loose when attended by a responsible person who can control the dog either by voice commands or by leash.  Likewise, when on the property of the dog owner dogs may run unattended if kept in a secure area including a fenced in area or within an area surrounded by an electronic fence, or when kept in any other structure of sufficient strength and height to prevent the dog from escaping. Penalty  fine of $500

91.12 Animals Prohibited at Festivals, Parades and Events

Simply put, it is unlawful to have animals at parades, festivals, demonstrations on public property or rights-of-way, summer concert series and all sporting events, recreational and cultural events held on or in city facilities.  It is important to note that whether on a leash or not, it is illegal to take animals onto public property or public rights-of-way.  There are exceptions to this for service animals such as seeing eye dogs and for animals involved in the event such as horses in the Christmas Parade. Penalty fine of $500

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