Public Works
Loose leaf season has ended. If you have any loose leaves for collection, they either need to be bagged or boxed for collection.


Crews work a daily assigned route and cannot take special requests or special arrangements. Loose leaf piles should be placed behind the curb or edge of pavement without blocking the sidewalk or street. Do not rake or blow leaves into the street as this violates city code ordinance and presents a safety hazard and a flooding concern when leaves are washed into storm drains.

Please separate tree limbs and shrubs from your loose leaf piles, these items can damage our vacuum equipment and create a safety hazard for our crews.

Please keep leaf piles in an open area, away from obstructions such as parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, fencing, landscaping, water meters, utility poles and guy wires. Our crews need room to work and do not want to damage our equipment or your property while collecting loose leaves.

Throughout the season will will post daily routes on this page along with updates on our Facebook page (link to the right of this page).