Roanoke Rapids Park Rules

All Roanoke Rapids City Parks are NON-SMOKING. Failure to comply could result in a suspension from competing in our leagues and/or suspension from all Parks and Recreation facilities.

Ordinance 91.12 Animals Prohibited at Festivals, Parades and Events

Simply put, it is unlawful to have animals at parades, festivals, demonstrations on public property or rights-of-way, summer concert series and all sporting events, recreational and cultural events held on or in city facilities.  It is important to note that whether on a leash or not, it is illegal to take animals onto public property or public rights-of-way during events.  There are exceptions to this for service animals such as seeing eye dogs and for animals involved in the event such as horses in the Christmas Parade.

Penalty fine of $500

TJ Davis Hours of Operation (2)

Monday - Thursday
8:30am-7pm: Open Gym

8:30am-5pm: Open Gym

Saturday: 1pm-5pm
Open Gym