Youth Sports FAQs

We often get asked about youth sports. The two most popular questions are:

Why is there a user fee?

The independent youth sports organizations, such as soccer, t-ball, baseball, softball, swimming, and tackle football, collect registration fees from each participant.In turn they provide the participants with proper equipment, practices, games, and officials. These funds are not contributed to the maintenance and utilities on the fields/facilities that are involved with each sport. The athletic user fee of $5 per city resident and $10 per non-city resident is charged per participant. These funds collected are used to maintain and upgrade fields/facilities. One user fee is collected per participant per sport. If a participant participates in a league and is on a travel team, that participant is only required to pay the user fee once.These fees are collected annually.

Who opens the park restrooms?

Each independent youth sports organization is in charge of opening and closing bathrooms for their leagues. While the restrooms are open we ask each organization to be accountable and responsible for these restrooms. This includes, monitoring, clean up, and reporting all maintenance issues concerning the restrooms. Each organization is given keys to restrooms and lights. Should anyone see that the restrooms are not open during league play please call your organizations. If there are maintenance issues please call our administrative offices 533-2847 and ask for Park Supervisor Garry Moore.

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