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Our Departments Management Team

Joe Scherer, Roanoke Rapids City Manager

Joe Scherer

Roanoke Rapids City Manager
B.L. Martin, Jr., Roanoke Rapids Chief of Police

B.L. Martin, Jr.

Chief of Police
Christina Caudle, Main Street/ Development Director

Christina Caudle

Main Street/ Development Director
Jason Patrick, Roanoke Rapids Fire Chief

Jason Patrick

Fire Chief
John Simeon, Director of Parks & Recreation

John Simeon

Director of Parks & Recreation

Kathy Kearney, Human Resources

Human Resources
Kelly T. Lasky, Planning and Development

Kelly T. Lasky

Planning and Development
Larry Chalker, Public Works

Larry Chalker

Public Works
Leigh Etheridge, Finance Director

Leigh Etheridge

Finance Director
Traci Storey, City Clerk

Traci Storey

City Clerk

Leaf Collection Notification

  • Leaf Collection Notifications

      Loose leaf collection for Jan. 15th: Truck #1 West, Roanoke Ave-Vance St. 0-500 blocksTruck #2 West, Roanoke Ave-Vance St. 1500-1000 blocksTruck # 3 East, Roanoke Ave.-Jefferson St. 0-500 blocksTruck #4 East, Roanoke Ave.-Jefferson St. 1500-1000 blocks       Crews work a daily assigned route and...

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