Benefits Questions & Answers

Q:  I have parents living with me and I am responsible for their care.  Can I add them to my medical plan?

No, only spouse and eligible dependents may be added to your medical plan.

Q:  My grandchildren live with me.  Can I add them to my health plan?

No, only legally adoptive children, and children whom you are the legal guardian can be covered under the medical plan.

Q:  Can I cover my children from a previous marriage if they live with their mother?

Yes, biological children of City employees are eligible to be covered.

Q:  Once I sign up for benefits can I make changes at any time?

No, The only way to make mid-year changes to your benefits elections is if a qualifying event has taken place.  The most common qualifying events are birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, death and a spouse's gain (or loss) of employment.